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Yet another sad and sick capitulation on the part of so called anti-pesticide folks, AGAIN. Far from compromise, this bill fuels both ODF and Timber, while doing little to NOTHING to protect our air, water, soil or HEALTH. Way to go!

Via —Standing Together to Outlaw Pesticides (S.T.O.P)

"The bill directs the Oregon Board of Forestry to set buffers around homes, schools and streams where pesticide spraying is prohibited. Oregon currently has had no buffers around homes or schools since the 1990s, and has smaller buffers around streams than other states."

"And the reason they haven't had buffer zones since the 90's is because the Board of Forestry got RID of them!! And now we're to expect them to reinstate good buffers??!!
What a joke.
Just like the enviro's backing this bill as an improvement. It's not. It's a compromise! This bill will make the conventional environmental groups look good cause they got a bill passed. But it only passed cause it's such a large compromise that is made the timber corporations happy.
If timber is happy, then we're loosing."

Bill Takes Aim At Aerial Pesticide Spraying On Oregon Forests
An Oregon Senate bill introduced Tuesday intends to tighten rules for aerial pesticide spraying on forest land and overhaul how the state responds to complaints of drift and exposure.